Learning Outcomes

The holder of the MScin Community and Public Health Nursing will have all the necessary knowledge and skills so as to be able to:

  • Recognize the needs and provide advanced nursing care in an out of hospital environment
  • Design and implement nursing programs on disease prevention and health promotion in all areas of Community and Public Health Nursing.
  • Plan and collaborate in research focused on Advanced Community Nursing and Public Health promotion
  • Understand and explore epidemiological data, evaluate and resolve problems of Public Health
  • Explore as a school nurse, the needs for Health promotion of the school population
  • Evaluate,hierarchy and manage needs and problems in the area of Occupational health Nursing in the working environments
  • Workautonomously and co-ordinate the inter-professional team in home health care of healthy persons and patients as well as their families.
  • To appreciate his role in posts which demand high knowledge level and skills in Community and Public Health Nursing